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 Saturday 8 June 10-3pm



You’ve voted with your feet and they’re back again, Marcello’s ice-cream that is.  Find them in their new spot in the courtyard.  Our other guests are Stuff in Jars, Akara’s vegan cakes, Return to Shashamane vegan lunches, Eat Moringa, Zoop Retro and Claraflora with her homegrown flowers.

In some sad news, Steve Broe (pictured), who ran the busking at the market for a number of years, passed away last week, surrounded by family and friends.  A musician and tireless activist fighting for the rights of the homeless, he was acknowledged by Jeremy Corbyn in this tweet and in many other tributes.  More details here, “Tributes paid to Steve Broe, musician whose gigs included the food market (but is revealed as someone who was much, much more)“. RIP Steve and thanks for all the music and words.


Guests this week

  • ClaraFlora (pictured)
  • Eat Moringa
  • Zoop Retro
  • Marcelos icecream
  • Akara cakes (vegan)
  • Return to Shashamane (vegan)





  • Comfort and Joy deli
  • Simply Tay
  • Return to Shashamane


  • Organic coffee
  • Teas
  • Now licensed as well

Cakes & bread

  • Bread Bread
  • Akara vegan cakes

Meat, fish & dairy

  • Hook and Sons dairy
  • Veasey’s fishmonger
  • CG Fell & Sons butcher

Fruit & veg

  • Peterson’s organic
  • Wild Country organic
  • Brambletye biodynamic

Deli stalls

  • Capo Caccia
  • London Smoke and Cure


  • Wine Scouts
    Click for taster details

Refills & eco

  • The Walkthrough


  • Alan’s Antiques
  • Haynes Lane Vintage Market
  • Zoop Retro
  • Morphs Music
  • The Lane Books
pop-up indoor market

Pop up space

  • Free the Gallery
  • Junk Yard Sale
  • 11am-5pm Saturday & Sunday


  • Lovebeat Vinyl