Christmas orders now available

HOW TO ORDER – Via email at [email protected] or the website
Last date for orders Friday 18th December
We will be at Crystal Palace Food Market for the LAST WEEKEND before Christmas- Saturday 19th December, and in addition to purchasing on the stall we will be holding a Christmas Decorating event for kids and big kids alike on our festive baked caks and biscuits!
Collection will be from the market on December 19th, or from the Christmas Eve pop up market at 5 Tudor Road (11-2).
Rich fruit cake crammed with currants, sultanas, raisins, figs, candied orange and ginger, cherries and flaked almonds. Soaked in best quality rum before a layer of marzipan and crisp royal icing covering. 
8″ royal iced cake- £25                     5″ royal iced cake- £10
Allergen info- contains dairy, eggs, nuts, alcohol, wheat.  Gluten free also available.
Advent calendars– rich butter biscuits or spiced gingerbread covered in hand iced decorations for the 24 days of advent. Gluten free available on request.  Only until DEC 5TH– 
Biscuits  £12.00 for a box of 24.
Allergen info- contains wheat, dairy, eggs.
Mince pies– rich butter pastry with a hint of almond filled with home made brandy rich mincemeat. 
Box of 6- £5.00                  Box of 12- £9.00
Allergen info- contains wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, alcohol.
Gingerbread biscuits– a selection of jolly santas and his reindeer for the troops to nibble on during the festive period! 
Loose- £1.50 each        Bag of 6- £6.00         Bag of 12- £0.00
Allergen info- contains wheat, dairy.
Buche de Noel– rich chocolate sponge rolls, filled with dark morello cherries and chocolate buttercream, covered in edible bark and decorated with festive snow and greenery (all edible!). Gluten free available.
To feed- 6-8 people £16.00
Allergen info- contains wheat, dairy, eggs, fairtrade 70% chocolate
Kate Mooney

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