Fish – Veasey’s.   Dan says “Still no baby yet but it’s not far away at all (due next Tuesday). [Good luck guys!]

Here’s a link to a recent rescue by the RNLI, 6 fisherman were rescued off the coast of Ireland whilst fishing for scallops, it took 8 hours to get them back to shore. This is just another of the risks our fisherman go through to provide for their families and put food on our tables.

Fishing this week has been very poor, with some very strong winds and a complete ban on catching sea bass we have been struggling to fill the slab. However, we’ll still have plenty of fish for tomorrow though as a couple of them are out right now so we hope to have a good supply of cod and some other round fish.  We will have all the usual such as our lovely smoked fish selection, some fine shellfish and superior quality organically farmed salmon.

Here’s some of what we will have – cod loin £2.25/100g, cod fillet £17.50kg, organic salmon fillet  £4.00 per portion or £2.20/100g, gilt head bream £14.95kg, Scottish mackerel £8.95kg, naturally smoked haddock £18.50kg, Manx kippers £1.50 each, whole smoked mackerel £5.00 each, smoked mackerel fillets £3.75 per pack, smoked sprats £1.70/100g, Palourde clams £13.95kg, Cornish rock oysters £1.20 each, live Cornish mussels £6.00kg.

See you tomorrow!

Veaseys: New (old) boat now in the water!

Veaseys: New (old) boat now in the water!