Eat and messCakes – Eat & Mess Alex says “Come and see us at the market to get your hands on some of these delicious goodies.  

Chocolate stout cake with dark chocolate buttercream & salted caramel drizzle topped with caramel popcorn AND pomegranate…. a mouthful (literally!) You’ll need a sit down after a slice of this beauty;

Winter spiced carrot, pumpkin & walnut cake with cream cheese frosting and crumbled oat topping; 

Honey & almond sponge cake with fresh fig compote & honey buttercream frosting; 

Plum & pear ginger loaf cake slathered with cream cheese frosting and air dried plum and pear crisps; 

Mini Victoria sponge cakes with raspberry jam & vanilla buttercream swirls;

Hot toddy’ whisky orange tarts – dark chocolate pastry bases filled with orange & whisky chooclate ganache, topped with a candied orange slice… guaranteed to keep the chills off a treat!

Plus bounty bars – dark chocolate pastry base topped with coconut frangipane & chunks of dark chocolate, topped with fresh candied coconut; 

Gingerbread chicks (its nearly Easter right?!); 

Brownie bar in full swing – 70% dark chocolate, cheesecake swirled and butterscotch blondies; 

Morning buns – chocolate hazelnut krantz swirls… get here early to have them warm from the oven.  Don’t forget you can always place your birthday order via the website, or have a chatter with Kate on the stall!”