Cake – Eat & Mess Kate is cooking up “Badass chocolate hazelnut cake- dark chocolate sponge filled with hazelnut praline buttercream and toasted hazelnuts… nutella, but better; Summertime (!) carrot cake- channelling summer vibes with a citrus zesty carrot stuffed sponge cake, layered with cream cheese frosting, and lots of sultanas, walnuts and seeds; Lemon chiffon cake – double lemon sponge cake layered with tangy lemon buttercream frosting and fresh berries; Banana caramel fondant cakes – banana sponge with molten salted caramel centres and topped with caramel buttercream.

Plus Victoria sponge cakes – miniature vanilla sponge cakes with a raspberry jam and buttercream filling, and a dusting of icing sugar; Raspberry coconut squares – butter pastry bases with a coconut frangipane and fresh raspberry filling; Peach melba pavlovas – fluffy mini meringue filled with creme patissiere, raspberry coulis and fresh mountain peaches; Caramel cheesecake – biscuit base topped with vanilla cheesecake and salted caramel swirls. Filthy good; Brownies – Cheesecake and classic dark chocolate on the brownie bar this week; Gingerbread gangs as always – getting dressed for some beach weather!”