Blackwoods Cheese (made in Brockley) 


Graceburn is based on a Persian Fetta recipe Dave learnt in Australia. Best described as a marinated soft cow’s cheese, Persian Fetta is much creamier than traditional Greek feta and comes steeped in a blend of extra virgin olive and rapeseed oils rather than brine. Garlic, thyme, bay and pepper are added to the oil.

Edward Tew

The first cheese in our convict series, cheeses named after British convicts who were transported to Australia in the 1800s for stealing cheese, Edmund Tew is a small lactic cows cheese.

The brainy looking rind consists of a yeast called Geotrichum Candidum but can also develop natural white and green mould spots from time to time. Beneath the rind the smooth paste has savoury malty flavour to it.

“Edmund Tew has also pleaded guilty to an indictment charging him with stealing a loaf of bread, some cheese and beer, from the dwelling house of John Boot at Leicester. The prisoner receiving a bad character was penitence to be transported for 7 years.

The prisoner heard his sentence with the most perfect


indifference.” – Leicester Chronicle, 1829.

William Heaps

The second cheese in our convict series, William Heaps is a fresh lactic cow’s cheese.

“William Heaps was sentenced to 7 years and travelled on the Bengal Merchant.” – Official Documents, 1838, Lancaster

alongside a selection from Neal’s Yard Dairy.