bots(via Alex Baines-Buffery)

Local IT expert Kevin Monk is going to help us all keep our possessions safer.

Kevin knows how to put a program on your laptop that can be activated when it gets stolen. This will report the position of the stolen laptop and it will intermittently start taking photos of the person who is handling your stolen goods. All you then have to do is call the police and insist that they go round to the thief’s house and get it back for you. 

This is exactly what happened when he was robbed. The software is open source, and you can down load it for yourself here.

Kevin has kindly said he will be at the market this Saturday 24th May to give anyone a hand who doesn’t feel confident doing this for themselves.

We hope this will achieve a couple of things:

  • If your house is burgled, you can recover at least your laptop.
  • If enough of us do this we will be able to finger the person or groups of people who have been carrying out a number of burglaries in the area and let the police know where they are.
  • Crystal Palace will get a reputation for having all these laptops that track thieves and the parasites that think its ok to break into another person’s house will go elsewhere or be caught.

  For each laptop we install the free software on, we are asking for a £3 donation. Which will all go to future project of this nature. If you could share this post with anyone who you think will be interested and tell them to contact me, so I get an idea of numbers that would be fantastic. We will have stall near the Antenna Studios coffee shop. If you want us to do this for you, please show up with a well charged laptop. Anyway, hope to see some of you on Saturday: let’s hope our new bots catch these robbers.