A quote from Owen, talking about sausages of course, and he continues,  “We’ve made a new size chorizo especially for Crystal Palace, which is about 1 and a half times as long as our regular sausages, and it will be on the stall this week. We think it’s a better format than before, with a better meat to casing ratio and it should stay delicious longer too. We’d like your feedback, so come down and let us know what you think.
Also on the stall this week – Pastrami is back! Bacon is back! Guanciale, Beer Sticks, Wild Boar Salami are especially good right now, and the old faves too: Ham sarnies, and ham by the slice. Rosemary; fennel; mushroom; cobnut; venison salamis all make an appearance. And ‘nduja, got loads of that too.” 
British cured meats from The Charcuterie Board