Gill Wing Farm – Christmas Orders

To make an order, please pick up an order form on the stall to complete and give to Andrew, Nicky or Louisa on the stall.    Andrew farms all the turkeys, geese, ducks, chickens, pigs and lambs himself in East Sussex and the beef comes from nearby Tottingworth Farm in Heathfield, and fresh wild venison direct from High Hearstwood itself.   Could you get your orders in by the 17th December – and everything will be on a ‘first to order’ basis as there are limited numbers of everything.  Prices will go up once they’re finalised (Andrew’s adding up all the costs to work them out – but he says they’ll be a great price for the quality you’re getting.)

Turkeys in the woods at Gill Wing Farm (on 16th Nov)

Happy (big) turkeys in the woods at Gill Wing Farm (on Wednesday 16th Nov)

Bronze Turkeys – Large/Medium/Small



Chickens – Medium/Large/Ginormous

Beef – full range of cuts

Pork – full range of cuts

Gammon – dry cured

Sausages – all sorts

Sausage meat – Christmas sausage meat

Bacon – back and streaky


Venison – if available

Game – if available