Meat & Game from Jacob’s Ladder Farms

To place a Christmas order:

Phone: 07565 303 559

Email: [email protected]

Or order from the market stall (collect their form at the stall)

Last orders for Christmas taken on the 15th December.

Pick up your meat orders on the stall or on Christmas Eve between 1pm and 3pm at 5 Tudor Road, SE19 2UH.


Biodynamic Turkeys* (Hungary Lane Farm) (£15.50 per kg)

Free Range Turkeys* (Appledore Farm)(£12.50 per kg)

*Turkey sizes

Small, 5-6kg, serves about 7-9 people Medium, 6-7kg, serves about 9-10 people Large, 7-8kg, serves about 10-12 people


Free Range Goose £13.20 per kg

Free Range Ducks £7.90 per kg

Free Range Capons £7.95 per kg


Traditional cuts of Roasting Beef, Salt Marsh Lamb, and Berkshire Pork (with plenty of crackling) – all certified organic/biodynamic

Home-cured Gloucester Old Spot Free Range Bacon (no sulphites) 

Traditional own made Sausages (Breakfast/Pork & Leek/Pork & Sage/Cumberland)

Traditional Pork Pies

100% Sausage meat


Biodynamic Turkeys* (Hungary Lane Farm) (£15.50 per kg)

This year, we’ll be getting our lovely turkeys from Hungary Lane – a 300-acre biodynamic farm, run by Joe Bradley, his son Sean and a Norwegian trainee, Ward, in Leicestershire. Alongside his other livestock, Joe has raised a mix of White and Bronze turkeys in 2 airy roosting houses out on the extensive pasture of his resting arable fields, where they pick the soil & grasses each day, moving with their roosting houses in tow, to fresh feed as they exhaust each patch of grass. They are also fed a cereal based ration, predominantly composed of wheat, barley, oats and beans, all grown on the farm itself.

Given the gigantic demand for turkeys at Christmas, most conventional farms rear in much larger quantities and house the birds in indoor sheds from chicks to adulthood, to control feed and force quick growth with bought in feed. Joe’s methods enable the birds to mature much more slowly and naturally, which, in turn, guarantees a richer flavour and good, firm texture in their meat. Also thanks to Joe & Sean’s licensed expertise, the birds are able to end their lives in the calm and familiarity of the farm in which they were raised.

Free Range Turkeys* (Appledore Farm)(£12.50 per kg)

We will also be supplying free range turkeys from Appledore Farm in Kent (a Bronze breed), as well as our local farmer, Chris Pinard. Chris has been supplying Jacob’s Ladder on a weekly basis and uses a farming system based on old fashioned values of high animal welfare and traditional, outdoor living.

The turkey breed favoured by Chris is the Norfolk Black, a slow-maturing, rare breed. It is known as Britain’s oldest turkey breed, originally shipped over from North America. The birds graze the farm pasture and are fed a home mix of wheat, peas, barley, oats and triticale.