CTNE1pEWEAA1kzKLondon Smoke & Cure. Ross says – “Hey all. I wanted to start by saying massive thank you to the market girls and all the market customers for the fun we had in the run up to Christmas, it was great thing to be part of – high fives all round! [Thanks Ross, it’s been fab having you join us.]  We spent a good part of the holidays getting smokey, improving our recipes and expanding the range a bit – here’s what we’ve got for you this weekend: 

In-season hot smoked quail (great for a little lunch), Hot-smoked duck & chicken (come and ask us how it compared in the blind taste sessions), Awesome cold smoked salmon (refined and sublime, smoked over oak, beech and heather. It’s an everyday treat), Cold smoked haddock (I’ve fallen in love with this new product. Come and get yourself some love), Smoked cheese & butter (Dairy is good for you, fact), Smoked cashew nut butter (WHOA, shut the front door, that sounds too weird.), Smoked paprika (New, add it to your stews, goulash or paella and watch for the flavour punch-up).  And a whole bunch of other stuff besides.   If you’re passing come and say hello. Cheers!”