Fish:  Dan says “Crystal Palace is the plaice to be!  We’ve been out lobstering this week as it is the peak of the season, we have been dropping our pots not far from the shore at all! It’s great fun as we do it on a smaller boat as we don’t need all the equipment we have on the others. The pots are pulled and dropped by hand which is hard work but satisfying when you see a good full pot. A friends boat fishing out of Newhaven has been getting the most amazing plaice this week they are so plump and firm this time of year so expect to see many on our slab along with some fine looking mackerel for a very good price this week”

Some of what’s on the slab – whole plaice (all sizes) £6.50kg, mackerel – line caught £6.95kg, organic salmon steaks £4.00 each, wild samphire grass £1.50/100g, freshly dressed crabs £6.00 each, live lobsters, fresh out the pots £24kg.  You can place an order in advance, or make a special request by phone on 01342 822906, by email on [email protected] and on Twitter@FishmongersFR Veasey and Sons.  Find their recipe page here and here’s one for Fisherman’s Pie.