London Smoke & Cure Ross says, “We hope you all had a great Easter break, and enjoyed a bit of time away from the city perhaps. Welcome back if so!  So it’s time to get back down to the market! And we’ve got something amazing for you to get that summer feeling started – the return of our much-lauded smoked salmon pate, with £1 off this first week to celebrate its return. Imagine a good dollop of that for your Saturday lunch. In addition, Lee has been getting really excited again about British cheese (and why not?) and has this to say: “This week I want to shout about another amazing award-winning British cheese… Old Winchester.  As its name suggests it is a take on an Old Amsterdam but in many ways it’s nothing like one.  Yes, it Is an aged cheese and like the Amsterdam, has a wax rind and protein crystals running through it. However (and despite its rather unassuming appearance) the Winchester takes you on a wonderfully complex taste journey.  On tasting this cheese, it starts sweet and lactic like an aged cheddar and then moves through a full flavoured explosion with nutty notes and then finishes with a palette-cleansing tannin note that lingers and makes this cheese truly more-ish. It’s a great eating cheese, a great melter for dinners and you can also use this as a British alternative to Parmesan.  Try this cheese melted in a toastie with a few slices of our own smoked pancetta, grilled so it is crispy and a few cornichons or a nice spicy chutney… delish!!`’. Sounds like Lee has been getting high on his own supply. See you down there with our smoked salmon pate, Old Winchester, and plenty more of the good stuff.”  Please click here for statement from London Smoke & Cure. 

Capo Caccia  Sardinian deli from Antonio.  He says “We’ll be at the market this Saturday with our range of organic cheese and gluten free artisan salami with truffle, chilli and fennel seed. Sardinian crackers and our fine olive oil will be there too Hope to see you 🙂

Pasta di Julia  Pasta and fresh pasta sauces homemade at Wild Country Organics farm, using leftover organic vegetables and herbs whenever they can.