Cakes – Eat & Mess. Kate says “We’re really excited to be back for the our New Year debut on the market, and to celebrate we have got a whole host of delights for you. We ditched the detox somewhere around January 3rd so back to busin10012541_1012241888819820_400291318_ness as usual with a line up to tempt everyone!  Chocolate bounty cake, with fresh candied coconut shavings & ganache
glaze, winter carrot cake, with toasted pumpkin seeds & cream cheese frosting, cake with almond cream icing, chocolate guinness slab topped with lashings of cream cheese frosting, pink grapefruit & brown sugar financiersspiced apple custard crumble tartsvictoria sponge with raspberry jam & buttercream, chocolate cheesecake AND a newcomer to the brownie bar – pear and rye brownies with a sprinkle of sea salt – gluten free and utterly delicious!  To finish, we have ourgingerbread men and chocolate hazelnut morning krantz buns– see you at the stall!”lemon & almond chequerboar