Cakes – Eat & Mess Kate says “Happy Weekend everyone! We are putting the final touches to our penultimate CP farmers market (SOB!) before we move to pastures new- Come see us (buy cake) and say Hi/Bye! For those that don’t know, we are moving into shiny new kitchen premises (excited hurrah!) in Clapham, whilst we move our family home down to the seaside on the south coast. We’re hoping if we ask reeeeally nicely Laura and Karen will let us pop by now and again though! 😉 [Of course we will!]

Enough tears… whats on the cake front this Summery Saturday coming? Here we gooooo:  Chocolate Stout Cake – Rich chocolate & London Porter sponge cake, smothered in vanilla bean cream cheese frosting; Naked Lemon Blueberry Sponge –  Double lemon sponge cake layered with fresh blueberries, lemon curd & lemon buttercream frosting; Summer Carrot Cake – Carrots, apricots, sultanas & walnuts baked in a cinnamon spiced sponge cake. Topped with cream cheese frosting & toasted walnuts; Victoria sponge cakespineapple RUM (thought that would get your attention!) loaf cakesbrown butter pecan chocolate tart (these flew off the stall last week- get in there quick!), coconut raspberry Bakewell slicesvanilla shortbread smileys and always the brownies– choose from rich cheesecake or dark chocolate.  Plus, almond apple tarts- frangipane tarts with rose apple filling.  See you soon! XX”