brockmans chilli

Welcome to another week of fresh produce from Brockmans.

This week you will find:

  • Cayenne or Jalapeno Chilis
  • Mustard Leaves & Sorrel 
  • Jerusalem Artichokes
  • Fresh Turnips & Bunches
  • Romanesco Cauliflowers
  • Sprouts Tops, Stems & 500g Nets ready for the pan
  • Navelina Oranges & Mandarins 




Autumn hails mushroom season and it’s been another year of brilliant variety for those who take the time and track out to hunt for wild varieties and don’t get lost!

We’ve had another wet week on site, and it’s about to get wetter – by that we’re referring to the delivery of a Vegetable Washer that’s arrived; this will help to improve the condition in which your veg is delivered, though we will still provide a selection of veg ‘with mud’ others can be given a good rinse saving your time!

Overall we’ve been rather busy as ever, the extended growing season has restricted the time for turning over tunnels and the delayed onset of cold may even affect production with frost-dependent crops; with the additional work of setting up a new market, Friday is when we all knuckle down and make sure that the best produce is packed up & out to you!

Trading at Crystal Palace from 10am til 3pm