Grape Juice Wines is run by me, Nick Beck, an ex advertising and media sales professional who left the rat race to turn a passion into a profession. I was exposed to wine at an early age through my Dad, who collected wine for consumption from various regions across the wine world. We used to go on family holidays to Italy quite a lot where it was not uncommon for a young child to have a small drop of wine with their pasta – this is where it all began! As I grew older my fondness in wine also grew and today I’ve been fortunate to travel part of the world finding undiscovered wines to bring back to the UK so you can discover and experience them for yourself.

The business I’ve created is about finding wines that are as far from mainstream as possible. I have direct relationships with artisan winemakers and import their rare, true tasting wines into the UK for the first time. These wines were once only ever sold to discerning locals, which means the producers always put quality ahead of quantity in every drop.

What do I mean by true tasting? Well, it is simply that the winemaker lets nature dictate their production. If they have a bad year weather wise, they’ll produce less to ensure quality remains. All of them use little to zero fertilisers or pesticides in the vineyard, add a minimal amount of sulphates to the wine and never use additional sugars or acids.

In some cases these wines are organically certified but in all cases you’ll experience an honest wine. So, here’s to travelling the rest of the world to discover more wines for you to experience! Also look out for our custom labelled wine where we collaborate with artists who design amazing, eye catching labels that match the outstanding grape juice!

Nick Beck, wine explorer and supplier of great taste experiences.