“What a week it has been for flat fish we have had fantastic landings of Dover sole, lemon sole, plaice, turbot and brill – all of our favourite prime flat fish! We have been able to offer reduced prices on all of these and if we get any more for tomorrow we will do this again. This means great bargains such as two large Dover sole for £20. We had news last week of cod being re classified by the MSC as a fish no longer on the ‘critical’ list, our catch limits on our small boat are now up to 350kg per month instead of 75kg which will really help with bycatch issues. When buying cod please ensure you know it has come from a small day boat rather than a large ‘trip trawler’.

Flat fish list – we may have all, we may have some. It all depends on what we catch today [Friday as I write this] – Dover sole £12 each or 2 for £20, lemon sole £12.95kg (down £3kg), brill £15.95kg (down £3kg), plaice £7.95kg (down £1kg), turbot £19.95kg (down £6kg), dab £5.95kg, Sussex caught cod fillet – nice & chunky £16.75kg. We will have more of our shellfish and smoked fish selection, this week including kiln smoked trout.

We are very happy to say we won an award last night for “Outstanding Customer Service” at the Celebration of Sussex Life Awards hosted by Sussex Life Magazine in Brighton. We are so happy to be recognised for our efforts and thank all you wonderful customers for your support.  

I will see you tomorrow as normal, Dan :-)”  Congratulations boys. We know you’re the best! 

You can place an order in advance, or make a special request by phone on 01342 822906, by email on [email protected] and on Twitter @FishmongersFR Veasey and Sons.  Find their recipe page here and here’s one for Fisherman’s Pie