Veasey's shopfront“Our sea trout season is progressing and the price is coming down, these fish come from Montrose, Scotland and are caught by a licensed net fishery at the mouth of the River Esk. These fish are a wonderful alternative to wild salmon which is still very expensive in June – look out for the orange tags!
Closer to home we are seeing rises in the prices of soles but our local mackerel are coming down in price. Our own pot caught lobsters are still very good value! “

Pick of the catch – 

Whole wild sea trout £14.95kg (cheaper than bass!)

Dressed crab £6.00 each,

Sea bass fillets 4 for £12.00,

Oysters – Cornish & Colchester £1.20 each,

Whole sides of fresh salmon £18.95kg,

Fresh south coast mackerel £7.95kg,

Kiln smoked salmon – now £2.25/100g

Samphire grass – down to .99p/100g this week  

You can place an order in advance, or make a special request by phone on 01342 822906, by email on [email protected] and on Twitter@FishmongersFR Veasey and Sons.  

Find their recipe page here and here’s one for Fisherman’s Pie.