A real mixed catch this week, we have had some stunning rod and line bass from our skipper job on his small boat and really good mixed catches from Mickey on his boat in Newhaven. Expect more of this tonight

FRESH  Sussex Squid – £1.70 per 100g   Rod & Line Sea Bass – £16.50 per kilo   Plaice – £7.50 per kilo   Lemon Sole – £14.95 per kilo   Organic Salmon Fillets – £4 each or 4 for £15   SMOKED  Naturally Smoked Haddock – £1.75 per 100g   Whole Hot Smoked Mackerel – £5 each   Smoked Mackerel Fillets – £3.75 per pack   Manx Kippers – £1.60 each   Arbroath Smokies – £1.60 per 100g   SHELLFISH   Live Clams – £12.50/kg   Live Mussels – £6/kg   Live Cornish Oysters – £1.20 each   Dressed Crab – £6 each  Cooked Beachy Head Crab – £9.95/kg

Check out the boys on the boat recently – very choppy!

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Bargain .......

Bargain …….

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