Fruition Preserves: Sauces 

Fruition: Rhubarb compotes

Preserves – Fruition Preserves   Compotes compotes compotes! What a refreshing way to start the day – our healthy low sugar compote are delicious served with creamy Greek yoghurt and our hand roasted Granola. We’ve had a busy few weeks with English fruit season in full swing and all our compotes are now back in stock. The latest addition is our delicious tangy Summer Fruit Compotemade with blackcurrants from Spa Hill allotments and with premium strawberries and raspberries from Hugh Lowe Farms in Maidstone (offical supplier to Wimbledon!). Other new season compotes include Gooseberry & Elderflower, Plum & Vanilla, Plum & Cinnamon and Sweet Cherry. Fingers crossed for some sunny BBQ days. Treat yourself to some of our deliciously intense homemade ketchups to go with it; go traditional or try something new like our Spicy Tomato or Spiced Plum Ketchups! Oh and finally we have the last few jars of our Sicilian Lemon Marmalade. As always we’ll have lots of tasters – stop by try and say hi!

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