Such a lot of news this week – we’re delighted that Sarah from Gipsy Hill Herbs has taken over running The Grain Grocer.  There will be a proper relaunch soon, but in the

The Grain Grocer: Tomasz hands over to Sarah

The Grain Grocer: Tomasz hands over to Sarah

mean time the stock levels have been topped up & she’s ready to welcome you & hear your suggestions. See below for her full update and the chance to win a £20 voucher by choosing a new name (tweet suggestions to @gipsyhillherbs).

“As you may be aware, Wade and Tara have moved to the seaside and set up shop in Margate.  Actually they’ve set up a lovely new Grain Grocer shop and wholefood café – well worth a visit if you’re down that way and you may be lucky enough to meet their beautiful new baby, Arthur, as well.

Meanwhile back at Crystal Palace the Grain Grocer continues in spirit if not name.  The very lovely Tomasz who’s been running things since they left is moving on to new projects [don’t worry, he’s still living in the area] and I’ve taken on the wholefood mantle.  My herbal teas, salts and sustainably grown herb plants are now on sale at the stall and from this weekend most of the regular lines are back on the shelves [including black peppercorns for all those who’ve been asking].  Olive oil is on its way as soon as the suppliers finish the latest pressing, and both ground coffee and beans will be on sale in the next couple of weeks.  We will also be taking card payments from next weekend and will soon be moving into somewhere approximating the 21st century with a set of whizzy digital scales that work out the price for any amount you care to purchase!  Keep your eyes open for new products and give us your suggestions for products you would like to see us stock.
Remember to bring your own containers for a 5% discount.  All our own food packaging is recyclable or compostable [and obviously refillable].  Herb plant pots can be rinsed and returned to us for recycling. 

And finally, your chance to win a £20 Grain Grocer voucher.  We don’t have a new name yet and would like your help to find one, so bring your suggestions along to the stall tomorrow or send us a tweet at @gipsyhillherbs and the winning name will get a £20 voucher to spend with us.”