With 3 flavours available, each with their own health benefits, your dog can pick their favourite!

At HHofH all of our treats are; 

Wheat, gluten and grain free
Low calorie
No added sugar/salt
No artificial colours or preservatives.

Hand baked and quality assured in Crystal Palace.


Wheat/Gluten free flour
Free range egg
Coconut Oil
Carrot/Sweet Potato/Peanut butter

At Holly’s House of Hounds, we care about the community, so source our ingredients as locally as possible, from independent businesses. See below for where we source our ingredients:

Flaxseed: The Grain Grocer
Free Range Eggs, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes: Brambletye Biodynamic Fruit Farm

We ensure our other ingredients are ethically sourced. Our flour is organic and milled in the UK, and our peanut butter does not contain Palm oil.

Our packaging is also Eco-friendly, and fully recyclable, to minimise our environmental impact.

Benefits of Ingredients:

We are passionate about our ingredients here at Holly’s House of Hounds, and pack as much healthy goodness into each treat as possible! All our ingredients are quality assured, with sous chef Ziggy’s paw print of approval, and guaranteed fresh.

Wheat, gluten and grain free flour

Provides a steady energy release throughout the day
Mimics dogs natural ancestral diet
Reduces allergies/intolerances, as dogs do not have enough of the enzyme amylase to properly digest gluten.

Wheat allergies are very common in dogs, particularly pure breeds. Your dog may be suffering from a wheat allergy if they are showing any of the following symptoms

Itchy skin
Head shaking
Inflammation of the ear
Licking their front paws
Rubbing face in the carpet
Sneezing/asthma like breathing

Treats are fine, but always make sure you speak to your vet before making any major changes to your dog’s diet.


High in omega-3 fatty acids, great for healthy skin and glossy coat!
High in fibre to aid digestive health

Coconut oil – the ULTIMATE doggy superfood!

Coconut oil is a bit of an allrounder! It gently elevates your dog’s metabolism, providing a higher level of energy and vitality, protecting from illness and speeding up healing.

It works wonders, such as:

Promotes normal thyroid function; therefore helping overweight dogs lose weight and help sedentary dogs feel more energetic
Prevent infection and disease due to its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.
Aids digestion by increasing nutrient absorption, healing digestive disorders like IBS and colitis and eliminating hair balls and coughing
Reduces bad breath
Aids in arthritis and ligament problems
Reduces allergic reactions and improves skin health
Deodorizes odour
Prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections



Helps dogs feel full, whilst being low in calories
Strengthens the bowel, aids easy toileting
High in vitamin A (great for vision)
Promote skin health and a glossy coat

Sweet Potato

One of the healthiest foods you can give your dog!
High in dietary fibre
High source of antioxidants to aid healing
Help prevent cancer 

Peanut Butter

Good source of protein
Contains heart healthy fats
We use 100 % organic peanut butter with no added salt and no Palm oil