Cakes – Brett & Bailey  From the boys, “At Brett & Bailey our love

Brett & Bailey boys

of cardamom has no limits. You’ll find it in our double carrot cake, semlor, winter streusel cake and more. But right now we have the urge to turn that floral flavour up to eleven.  So, this weekend we’ll be bringing cardamom knots along to the market for the very first time. Pick up a couple to enjoy with your coffee, or an afternoon mug of hot chocolate once you’re back in from the cold.  

We’re also shaking the cake parade up a little. Alongside the aforementioned double carrot cake (which we can’t imagine doing a market without…) you’ll find our old friend, the coffee and Brazil nut cake layered with vanilla latte butter; Top Banana cake with salted dulce de leche and banana milkshake buttercream; red velvet with glitterball maraschino cherries; and another outing for our super-smooth pistachio cheesecake. 

We’ll also have triple chocolate cookies (back at last!), peanut butter bars, indulgently squidgy brownies sprinkled with fleur de sel, rhubarb crumble cake, shortbread treacle tart (as you can’t seem to get enough of it – it ALWAYS disappears first), plenty of semlor, and loads of our special recipe sticky buns too.  
Plus! Great Taste Award-winning marmalade, and all our other scrumptious preserves including our final two jars of strawberry and rhubarb jam (until we make some more in the summer).
Missing the market? Remember that the Brett &  Bailey online shop is always open.