News from Jayne & Michael at Jacob’s Ladder

New arrivals and ground preparation

This week I managed to get a couple of pictures of lambs just after being born.  It is rare for us to have twins because the Romney breed tend to only drop single lambs.  We chose this breed purposefully as we do not live on the farm and we need a breed that are self sufficient.  With the majority only having one lamb it means that there are less complications.

The important job of muckspreading has started this week which helps build the fertility of the land naturally.  The heap of muck that you can see in the picture was removed from the barn last year and is now well rotted and perfect for spreading.

We have also been chain harrowing and rolling.  Chain harrowing helps to aerate the land and rolling flattens out any land that may have been poached just before the animals were brought into the barn for the winter.