This is in response to a recent query about the addition of packaged meat at the market.

As many of you already know, Jacob’s Ladder Farm is a collection of small scale organic and biodynamic farms scattered throughout Kent and East Sussex that have come together to be able to sell a full range of meat raised in natural and traditional ways. Many of the breeds are slower growing ones, and the meat tastes very different to conventionally produced meat.

In addition to running Colin Godwin farm, Jayne and Michael Duveen manage Jacobs Ladder on a day to day basis and have always sold meat without packaging along with burgers, which help to boost stall takings. Recently, they decided to concentrate more on the butchery than the burgers, and wanted to see if packaged meat would work alongside their traditional display. They reasoned that some people actually prefer to buy packaged meat.

So far they’ve found that this has increased their weekly meat sales and they felt it was working well. However, just before Christmas, one of their butchers fell and ended up hospitalised, which put a strain on the rest of the team, and this may explain why so much more of their meat has been packaged in the last few weeks. I know that their intention is to clearly offer both, and I’m sure that Jayne and Michael would want to offer all their customers the best service possible.

So I suggest emailing or phoning Jayne Duveen directly – and I know that she’d really welcome your feedback. Also, if you know what you want before market day, you can always contact her during the week and then pick up your order at the stall, wrapped in paper of course! Jayne’s contact details are: 07565303559 or [email protected]