We welcome Late Knights brewery to the market as a special guest for Father’s Day.

Beer available in two pint take home (off license only) packs.

Worm Catcher is a beautifully hoppy IPA, double hopped with loads of aroma and a subtle bitterness..  We use Columbus, cascade and cluster hops in this one. For a 52% beer it is very easy to drink, first seen on bars in London in September 2012.

Crack of Dawn is our easy drinking pale ale.  It is fresh and full of flavor.  This ‘session’ beer is our best seller as the taste of it is not quite what you expect from a weaker ale. First pint was sold at The Clapton Hart in East London in September 2012

Hop o’ The Morning is our stout.  It is very classic in style, but we have double hopped this cheeky little number with pacific jade hops and kept the ABV to 4.2% to help with the drinkability that you don’t always get in other stouts.

Testing notes

Crack of Dawn – Pale, crisp and easy drinking pale ale. Mainly cascade hops in this one

Hop’o the morning – easy drinking stout, bittered with NZ hops and smells of spicy fruit.

Worm Catcher – a really well balanced IPA, lots of lovely hops with a nice bitterness

We don’t just do great beer at Late Knights, we also do pubs!  Based in Penge in SE London we have pubs in Brockley, Gipsy Hill, Brighton and soon to be open in Peckham.  We make crafty ale in a very labor intensive traditional way – with hard graft!  We focus our beers on classic styles with a mixture of European and American hops.  Sam, our head brewer, cracks out 7 different styles of beer on a regular basis and then some more when he feels like it.  

Current news regards the site at Gipsy Hill – The Beer Rebellion.  We started as a 3 month pop-up and managed to stay for over a year, now we have found a new site (next door) and will be moving there in 8 weeks time.  Still loads of burgers and still amazing beers, but a little bit more of everything!  and finally a place in Gipsy Hill we can call our own!