With all that’s been going on, the market missed celebrating its 7th birthday.  It was slap bang in the middle of lockdown on May 11th when all of us were happy just to get through each day.  So first of all, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for all your support; all the customers, all the stall holders and all the volunteers, we just couldn’t do it without you all.  Long may it last.

Talking about lasting, we just managed to scrape through the lockdown intact.  Without everyone’s support for our lockdown mid-week stalls, we would not have made it.  We had to act quickly to set up the lockdown stall rota and to put all the new delivery and collection information online, and we are pleased to say that most of our businesses have survived and grown in the process.  Our stallholders have had to embrace technology in new ways, setting up ordering and delivery systems, many of which are still going as we’ve come out of lockdown.

It was so good to get the market back up and running at the beginning of June and I can’t believe its already nearly the end of July.  Because of the need for social distancing spaces, we have prioritised weekly stalls who need the market income to survive.  Although there are less stalls, there is a gentler vibe now and not so much jostling, which I have to admit I quite like.  Hopefully things will return to some form of normality in the not too distant future, but until then we can enjoy the somehow old fashioned feeling.