Ross says “Discounts on Christmas pre-order – why are we doing it?

Right now London Smoke and Cure are offering discounts across our range on Christmas pre-orders made by 15th December. How much, you might ask? Well, we’re offering a great 10% discount for all orders over £30. Great – we all love a discount!

But really, the more interesting question to ask is Why? Why offer a discount just prior to Christmas when we’re all madly rushing around stocking up before the in-laws come? You might be thinking that surely discounts should be for after Christmas, perhaps as a way to convince you that there’s still room in your fridge and your belly for another pack of amazing cold smoked salmon or hot smoked duck.

London Smoke & Cure: Super local - transported by wheelbarrow

London Smoke & Cure: Super local – transported by wheelbarrow

Here’s the nub – We’re a new business, right at the start of what feels like an amazing journey. We’re still learning, day-by-day, how to turn a crazy little dream into something sustainable. It can be incredibly great fun as we look for better ways to bring better products to your plate. And yet when it comes to the practicalities of doing so you’d rightly imagine that there’s many things to balance and get right. Challenges and pitfalls are always close.

We hope Christmas will be a bumper time for us – and in fact much of our competitively priced luxe product lines are perfectly suited to this time of celebration – but in order to get at all close to ending the year in the positive we need to perfectly balance supply and demand. Get too confident and we could invest £1000’s in the best salmon to see it all go to waste – that’s bad for living sustainably and it’s certainly bad karma with our bank manager. At the other end of the scale, go too carefully and we miss our chance to satisfy genuine customer demand. The efforts we’ve put into growing something beautiful and real over the last 12 months could easily be wasted.

So we’re offering a 10% discount on orders over £30 for two reasons:

  1. As a way of saying thank you for believing in us in the early stage of our business
  2. As a way to secure pre-payment to allow us to purchase stock for processing in quantity
  3. To help forecast demand for our product, and the resource needed to process these
  4. To ensure you, the customer, can secure access to the products we have on offer.


To find out more about what we have on offer you can visit . You can also contact Ross – 07837 838 241 / [email protected]. Or alternatively you can visit our stall at the Crystal Palace Food Market every Saturday through to Christmas.

Different woods - different flavours at London Smoke and Cure

Different woods – different flavours at London Smoke and Cure

A 10% discount is available across our range for orders taken by midnight on December 15th. Free delivery is offered locally.

Standard orders (no discount) for our Sashimi-grade Smoked Scottish Salmon must be received by midnight on 20th December. These can be collected or delivered locally 23rd or 24th December.

London Smoke and Cure aim to work in an honest way producing food of real integrity. We believe in being open with our customers about the techniques and process we use. We’ve written this little blog in the same spirit as we produce our amazing produce – open, honest and with real heart.”