Big congratulations to Ross – his cashew butter won a great taste award – a serious achievement – so the secret’s out about the market again (Brett & Bailey won one last year for their marmalade.)  Find London Smoke and Cure at the market every week, with meats, fish, butter, cheeses and nut butters – all smoked in the Triangle in his homemade smokery.  Ross is also working on bringing a pop up hot smoked  sandwich stall to the market very soon…  

Gill Wing Farm: Happy piggies

Ross’s smoked pork tastes so good because he gets it from the market’s meat supplier Andrew (see pic above), who farms pigs, lamb and chicken in East Sussex at Gill Wing Farm, and butchers all the meat himself.  All his animals are reared free range and to organic standards.   Find a range of meat on display each week – poultry, lamb, game and pork – (including Andrew’s special pork and herb sausages – 99% pork meat) and joined by beef from nearby Tottingworth Farm.

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