Smokery – London Smoke & Cure Ross says “It’s all about the smoked meats this week and we’ve got some real treats for you.  Once again we’ve taken some of Gill Wing farms finest pork belly and cured these slowly over the last week. We’ll have some ready to eat fennel, white pepper and lemon belly as well as our more traditional hot smoked belly. So versatile – add  it to veg, wrap it round some fish, eat it as a snack with beer and bread, it’s pork for all occasions. Both available either in pre-sliced packs or carved on the stand.

Also available are our streaky bacons – two types, smoked and sweet maple. Cook them slowly so the fat renders out and you’ll be eating the finest bacon ever on Sunday morning.  If you prefer beef, we’ve got the salt, smoke and spice balances just right in our pastrami. Pile it up high with pickles, cheese and good bread and you’re halfway to sandwich heaven.

Oh, and lets not forget the cheese. We’ve sourced some nice little Pie d’Angloy and smoked them over apple and oak. We should have done this ages ago – they’re a real winner. Camembert lovers will be satisfied.”