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Elia Olive Oil, run by Greek brother and sister team, who live in West Norwood.  Our organic, extra virgin olive oil is produced in olive groves in the hills of Egion in the Peloponnese, from two local varieties of olives, extracted by cold press, followed by natural filtration, to retain all its flavour and nutritional value. It’s distinguished by delicate and fruity aromas, smooth, balanced flavour and low acidity of 0.4%. Delicious.

Local honey from Glenys – find her on Patchwork Farm stall

 Bickerton are back with artisan sauces, chilli jams, fruit vinegars, rubs & munch munch more including their range of flavoured nuts

Grain Grocer: Get 5% off if you bring your own container

Get 5% off with own container

The Grain Grocer     “always organic, responsibly sourced”

Grain Grocer: Mung beans

Buy by weight.

Find grains, nuts, nut butters, dried fruits, oils, vinegars, rice, seeds, seaweeds, spices, herbs, coffee, teas and much more.  Buy by weight (keeps the price down).    

Also get your eco cleaning products by weight too. 

All the staff are super knowledgable so ask for cooking tips and find some here.   You can buy direct at the market, use their Click and Collect service or order online anytime.