Nida says “Launching our new food delivery service, we’re bringing you a taste of Lucknow – Best of the Best. We have created a menu selecting our most popular dishes from our markets and catering events. Our concept is to serve Indian Street Food with a British Twist. Taking British classic dishes and Indianfying them.

We can provide you with a freshly cooked chilled meal consisting of a starter and side dishes along with a main of your choice. Please see menu.  You can pop the meal in the fridge and then reheat in the microwave. Eat within 2-3 days. Or if you prefer you can freeze and consume at a later date. 

If interested please email us or you can call or message Nida on 07411 834 258. If you can let us know by Thursdays that will be great. We will be delivering over the weekend. We hope to deliver from 1pm to 7pm in the areas that we trade in i.e. SE/SW London.”

Best of the ​Best £15 pp (free delivery)


Me Nan’s Turnip Kebabs– Spiced patties made of turnips mashed with lentils. Silky smooth and stuffed with finely chopped onion, mint and green chili.


(Choose a main dish) 

Lucknowi Hotpot Succulent pieces of mutton slow cooked with onions, whole garam masala, garlic and ginger. Garnished with fresh green chilies and coriander.


Green Chicken – Succulent pieces of boneless chicken marinated in coriander, yoghurt and green chillies.


Cauliflower n Cheese – cauliflower cooked with Indian cheese – paneer in a thick tomato sauce made with onions and spices.(vegan option available)


Bad Mash & The Peas – Spicy mashed potato cooked with spring onions, tomato, mint, coriander accompanied by peas in spicy Indian gravy.


Vegetable Pilau – basmati rice cooked with seasonal vegetables