Lunch – Meru Galettes  Sweet & savoury galettes and crepes. NEW SPECIAL – Grilled aubergines,  slow roasted tomatoes, goats cheese, toasted seeds, herbs and chilli sauce.

Guest lunch – Get Wurst – The best big beasty brats this side of Berlin. Paul & Lindsay say “Our sausages are imported from the Münsterland region of Germany and are served with beer fried onions, sauerkraut and pickles.  Served in a brioche roll or in a tray with our homemade curry wurst sauce. We also do a Vegan Wurst, after years of perfection by our sausage man in Germany, he has nailed it and we are pleased to offer a vegan option that is super tasty!

Lunch – Return to Shashamane Emilia is making us “Salads & sauces –chickpea salad with wakame seaweed; kidney beans with cardamom seeds and fresh tarragon; butter beans toasted with seeds and herbs; Mexican cabbage salad with herbs, chillies and onion; polenta chips with rosemary; coriander chimmichurri sauce; brown rice  salad with linseed , basil,pomegranates and rocket. Hot – butter beans puree; spicy sauce with cayenne pepper; lentil tikka masala stew.”

Lunch – Comfort & Joy Hot tasty wraps, salads and those famous (enormous) scotch eggs.