wp_20161114_20_20_23_proLast night Laura and I attended the LoveLondon Awards as winners in the shop category for Crystal Palace. We wish the awards didn’t pitch business against business but could instead celebrate all the amazing shops we have here, but we’re also really really touched that the market won.

A massive thank you to everyone who voted for us, to all our local stallholders, to the fishermen and farmers who come up week after week, to all the artists on Handmade Palace, to the volunteers who set-up and take-down the stalls and keep our Patchwork Farm stall running, to Steve for running Buskers Paradise, to Antenna for the land – cafe – electricity, and, of course, to all of our customers that choose to shop here.

We’re proud to be part of Crystal Palace Transition Town, doing our bit to help this corner of the world become a bit more sustainable and resilient in an uncertain world, where climate change is fast becoming an undeniable reality.