pc5This week all biodynamic, organic roasting beef from Perry Court Farm is 20% off.

Some of you will familiar with Perry Court farm’s delicious vegetables – they have been at our market since the beginning.  They also rear top quality beef.  Available at the Jacob’s Ladder stall.

Patrick & Leo Brockman are the present owners and managers of Perry Court Farm which is situated north of Garlinge Green, near Charing, in Kent

Their ongoing commitment to biodynamics means that all feed for the cattle is produced on the farm. Alongside their work with the animals and the barley, wheat and oat crops that feed and bed them in winter, they have focused on enriching their pastures with red and white clovers and rye grasses that the cattle eat both fresh in the field and preserved as silage and haylage during the wetter, colder months indoors.

In the early 70s, Patrick & Leo’s father decided to introduce the Luing breed to the farm which originated on the windswept Scottish island of the same name. Originally a cross of Highland & Shorthorn cattle, bred specifically to withstand the inhospitable climate of the Scottish west coast, their hardiness and instinct for foraging suited the biodynamic setting well. When, in the 80s, the Brockmans began fattening their own animals instead of selling them on for finishing as they had previously, they began to cross their herd with Simmenthals to improve their size, growth and meat quality. They now have a herd of around 90 animals. 

In all aspects of agriculture at Perry Court, be it crops, cattle, vegetables or pastures, the Brockmans hold to their principles of natural cultivation for quality over speed and yield.