This week Jacob’s Ladder are offering 20% off slow cook beef cuts – brisket, feather blade and skirt.

This beef is from  Godmans farm – Jayne and Michael’s tenant farm in East Sussex.

Jayne has just sent out a lovely newsletter we wanted to share with you.  

Native Sussex Beef from our own farm
We have been at Godmans for almost a year and a half now and we thought it high time we told you more about the beloved farm we now care for.

The farm is blessed with a beautiful location, set on a high ridge overlooking the Downs and the Weald.  The farm is made up of 120 acres of permanent pasture land and 30 acres of woodland.  There are also three mighty lakes. 

Before we took on the farm it was managed under the Countryside Steward Scheme and no artificial fertilizers or pesticides were used.  This is very much in our favour as we are determined to convert the farm to biodynamic status.
We brought with us a herd of 30 native Sussex cattle and a flock of 60 native sheep. 

The cattle look majestic with their horns carried as their crowning glory. These deep bodied, red cattle, roam the farm picking the various grasses that are on offer.  They are thrifty, long lived and non selective grazers.  Perfect for this less intensive farming practice undertaken here.  Time stands still when gazing at these cattle.  With the forest in the background it is easy to imagine the red cattle before them roaming the dense forest of the Weald at the time of the Norman conquest.
The cows are placid in nature and make wonderful mothers.  At Godmans the calves stay with their mothers until they are naturally weaned at around 9 months old.  The animals are grassfed only. They stay outside as long as possible only being brought into the large barn when the land is at risk of being damaged due to the poor weather conditions.
The cattle being reared for beef are kept for 30 months and the abattoir is no more than 30 minutes away from the farm.  The health of the soil and the good animal welfare results in superb meat, both in flavour and texture.  The meat is hung for at least three weeks before reaching the counter.