20% off pork sausages from Jacob’s Ladder

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Large Black pork, bangers and bacon
This week we have Large Black Pork coming from Sheila Crighton’s organic farm near Battle, Sussex.

We thought we would take this opportunity to talk more about our pork sausages and bacon that we will be making with Sheila’s pork.
Since 2010 when Jacob’s Ladder first began, we chose to make a simple breakfast sausage.  This is because the flavour of the rare breed pork that we favour is so flavoursome that nothing other than a little seasoning is added.
Jacob’s Ladder sausages are made with pure, minced pork meat.  We do not add rusk, breadcrumbs or any manufactured sausage cocktail of ingredients.  There are no preservative to extend the shelf life or dried egg yolk to keep the sausages pink. That is why on purchase, we recommend eating within a few days.
Now for our bacon.  We simply rub muscovado sugar and salt over the loins of pork and leave for a week or two to cure.  We take a wide berth from saltpeter which acts as a preservative.
More of our own Sussex beef will be available this week and Romney hogget.  We will also have freshly picked wild garlic which has been foraged on the Ashdown Forest. Rare breed eggs from Edwina le May, Tunbridge Wells and bread baked using biodynamic flour from farms in Sussex and Kent.