Mid-week courtyard stalls & timetable

As well as trading on a Saturday, there are still some stalls trading in the courtyard during the week as follows:

Thursday Market From 9-1pm   Bread Bread,  Hook & Son milk and The Store Cupboard . From 11am they are joined by Roots & Cycles,Haynes Lane Market and Alan’s Antiques.

The Store Cupboard  We sell nuts, grains, seeds, pulses, herbs, spices, tea, dried fruit, oil, vinegar, seaweed, herbal remedies, superfoods & more.  Price and product list here.  Wed 2-7, Thurs 9-1, Sat 10-3

Roots & Cycles. Eco shop. Refill washing and cleaning liquids, plus toilet paper, bamboo toothbrushes, soap and much more. Price and product list here. See opening times listed below.

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