We will still have a few stalls trading in the courtyard during the week (as well as on Saturdays)  

Wednesdays  2-7pm:  The Store Cupboard  We sell nuts, grains, seeds, pulses, herbs, spices, tea, dried fruit, oil, vinegar, seaweed, herbal remedies, superfoods & more.  Check out our price list.

Thursdays  9am-1pm:  Bread Bread and Hook & Son milk have decided to keep coming on Thursday, as well as Saturdays.  They’ll keep doing this for as long as it works out for them.  They’ll both be here at the same time.

Wednesdays – Fridays 11-4:30pm:  Roots & Cycles eco shop. Refill washing and cleaning liquids, plus toilet paper, bamboo toothbrushes, soap and much more.  Price and product list here.

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