Pedro’s news goes like this “I’ll open a perfumed rosé wine from s843069190659349883_p85_i3_w600__23314.1429816178.1000.1200: Bone dry and fresh with subtle red fruit flavours and a pleasant creaminess from lees ageing.  A sort of Spanish equivalent to Provence pink.  The vineyards surround the small town of Cordovín in La Rioja Alta 20km south of Haro, 30km south east of Logroño.  This area is famous in northern Spain for making “El Clarete de Cordovín”, a light refreshing rosé style wine. Clarete visually resembles rosé but the method of production is different.  Maceration is on the skins of both white and red grapes before the juice is drawn off and fermentation takes place.  This process essentially creates a white wine with a pale pink colour.”