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New Products 

Rib-cured and smoked Jacobs Ladder – beautiful beef charcuterie, lovely fat marbling, served by the bone. Limited stocks;

Real pastrami – it’s back! A flavour punch in the chops. Smoked overnight;

White pepper, fennel and lemon pork belly

London Smoke and Cure: smoked things

London Smoke and Cure: smoked things

Oh wait, stop, I’m getting all giddy! Great quality pork, gently cured for 8 days. Can you believe it’s produced right on your doorstep?

Smoked belly – Only its second visit down the market – cured for 8 days and smoked for 5 hours. Not too salty. Well balanced; 

Smoked rock salt – got some little jars to make nice gifts at Christmas. Buy 3 get one free.


Sashimi grade salmon – we’re definitely ramping up now for Christmas. We take the freshest and best quality Scottish salmon to make this luxurious product for you. Under-cured so it’s mild and unsalty. Small packs through to whole sides available. Place your orders to guarantee your Christmas whole and half sides;

Smoked Duck and Chicken – Extra plump and juicy;

Cheese – you know all about the cheeses. I’m preaching to the converted;

Smoked Cashew nut butter – come vegans, come all!

London Smoke & Cure classes 

A Morning Making Bacon A fun and informative morning learning all the techniques and approaches to basic bacon making so you’ll be able to make your own at home;

Introduction to Food Smoking & Market Visit We’ll get right under the skin of the range of smoking techniques we use at London Smoke and Cure and include in that a visit to Billingsgate or Smithfield market so you can see exactly how we source our produce;

Smithfield & Billingsgate Market Visit  A very early morning session – join us as we collect our produce from London’s most famous Smithfield and Billingsgate markets. First hand experience of these London institutions and the chance to buy the very freshest produce. Tour through the quiet streets of London and back in time for your train to work