Storecupboard refills – The Store Cupboard Sarah says, “Following the success of Anna’s Carob recipes last week, we will be selling our own Homemade Organic Energy Balls every Saturday starting this week with Carob & Date and Apricot & Cashew.  

NEW IN – flaked Dulce, Kombu, Sea Greens and Sea Salad.  All the amazing vitamin and mineral goodness of whole dried seaweed, but in easy to use flakes – just add a teaspoon or two to soups, stews, casseroles or juices. New stock of whole leaf seaweeds on sale too. 
INGREDIENT OF THE WEEK: Amaranth seed – a tiny gluten free seed that’s a complete protein and a good source of essential vitamins, minerals and healthy unsaturated fats. Free recipe tasters at the stall.  You can order in advance by email and pick up from us Friday or Saturday.  Click here for the order form.”