Local growing project – Patchwork Farm (a Crystal Palace Transition Town project), selling locally grown food from our community gardens & everyone’s gluts.  Get involved and bring in your gluts – or come and man the stall for an hour or so on a Saturday (email [email protected] if you’re interested in either).  

From Christine:   Hi all, launching tomorrow at the Patchwork Farm Stall is our brand new ‘Herb Bar‘! (Think salad bar, only with herbs!).  Customers will buy an empty paper bag for 50p and can then fill it with herbs in whatever combination they want.   So if any of you lovely growers have herbs (or anything else edible for that matter) to donate or swap, I’ll be at the market by about 9.45am tomorrow. Thank you!

Tomorrow James Dixon School will be selling produce to raise money.  Marie from James Dixon School says “We have some tomato plants in good condition ready to go in the ground – some beef tomato, some Red Alert Bush and some Gardener’s Delight.  Plus some garlic – good and smelly – to sell on the stall too.”  Get your copy of 21 stories from Transition book – where the market & Patchwork Farm are featured.