Brockmans – Jason says, “New season asparagus and lettuces are the star offerings this week. Other new lines include cucumbers and vine tomatoes though in limited numbers. The recent warm weather is great if you are out and about in shorts and sandals but a nightmare if you want to plant crops.  Also at markets you will find  spring greens, broccoli, spartan apples, purslane, sorrel and parsley, beetroot, kale (limited), spinach, leeks, chard (limited), carrots, 2 varieties of potato, onions, mushrooms, eggs and much more, bananas, lemons and other exotics at Venn St, Crystal Palace, Brockley and Primrose Hill.  For news, tweets & photographs go to : Brockmans Farm 

Check out the water tank used in dry weather and filled from their well!

Asparagus – on Brockmans

Water tank Brockmans