Owen’s news goes like this:

“OMG, the latest batch of Wild Fennel Saucisson from Moons Green is delicious. Fred will sell you some if he doesn’t eat it all.  Also making a reappearance is Native Breeds Wild Boar, Juniper & Caraway Salami. Available by the half or whole. Muscles this week are the usual cooked ham, brisket and belly, with a limited amount of guanciale for those of you who want to make carbonara the proper way, or just want some glorious dried bacon on toast.  ‘Nduja is as spicy as ever, and there will be Beer Sticks for all, but no crackling this week I’m afraid, we just didn’t get round to it. Ham sarnies £4, pastrami £5, and ask Fred nicely to add cheese to either for £1. And stand by for a super-exciting announcement next week…”

 The Charcuterie Board supplies British cured meats from Moons Green & Native Breeds.