London Smoke and Cure

Smoked in the triangle

London Smoke & Cure: Ross

Smokery – London Smoke & Cure Smoked in Crystal Palace triangle by Ross, who says,  “A new study has said that eating smoked food is very good for you – yes really.  A Swedish Journal reported that the endorphins generated by the body through the eating of good quality smoked salmon, duck, cheese and smoked leads to increased blood oxygenation and sharper eyesight. Other recorded benefits included reductions in aches and pains, general feelings of well-being, a greater propensity to friendliness amongst neighbours, and a significant rise in baseline levels of libido.  This week for sale from your local smokery: Salmon – Duck – Chicken – Cheeses (including a marvelous petite brie & twice smoked cheddar).  And in very limited stock – eel.”