Nosh are back

Nosh: Burger

Nosh: Burger

We’ve got them in once so I’m sure they’ll fit in again.  If they do, they’ll be cooking up:

Nosh burger – 5oz homemade beef burger with bacon, cheese, salad & gourmet relish; 

The Nosh Dog – 4oz beef hotdog with onions & bbq pulled pork; 

The Chicken Caesar Burger – marinated chicken breast with bacon, parmesan & caesar dressing; 

The Fish Finger Sandwich – homemade breaded fish fingers with cheese, romaine lettuce, tartare sauce, served in thick doorstop bread.”

The Veggie Option which is a portobello mushroom topped with breaded courgette, caramelised red onion and blue cheese in brioche.

Planning a hangover? Check out the breakfast rolls. Cure guaranteed. 😉