Oblutak by Jelena Belgrave is a small batch fermentation and condiment food project born out of passion.
Originally from the Balkans, Jelena grew up surrounded with traditionally fermented seasonal foods. After a career change, she started teaching fermentation privately and in collaboration with Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses. Unable to feed people as she used to at her workshops, Jelena decided to start making some of her most loved ferments and condiments for wider public.   In her debut appearance at Crystal Palace Food Market, you’ll find the following on her stall.
Fermented Smoked Harissa — this lacto-fermented condiment is bursting with citrusy zing and flavour of smoked roasted peppers. Serve it with your tagines, roasts, on steamed vegetables, or create an instant dip with a dollop of yogurt.
Chunky Chilli Oils – there are two types, one with peanuts and one with sunflower seeds and hemp hearts for those who prefer seeds or are allergic to nuts. The star of this addictive condiment is our chickpea miso, full of umami. Spoon it over your lentils and halloumi, stir fried concoctions, any rice dish you can think of or a warming bowl of soup. Some customers even tried it over ice cream!
Rosehip and Hawthorn Hot Sauce – locally foraged rosehips and hawthorn berries give this fermented sauce an underlying sweetness. Great on eggs or meats for brunch or add it to your Bloody Mary.
Jelena will also be bringing her  Serbian sauerkraut with horseradish and Juniper berries that she will sell by weight to keep the price low.