Patchwork Farm – rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb! 

Rachel says “It’s one of the most wanted items on Patchwork Farm stall but we never have enough.  So, why not become as famous as Yorkshire for growing the stuff?  We have a triangle after all.  

We have 25 free crowns to give away on the Patchwork Farm stall. First come, first served.  The idea is to put them in the ground asap (we’ll give you a little leaflet with instructions). Let them get established and grow. Once they’re going bonkers, if you have too much rhubarb, you can donate it to our stall and we’ll be able to hopefully meet local demand for rhubarb.  Our local bakers and jam makers may even buy some off you. That’s right. We’ll give you a free plant. You can eat all you want from it. And if you have a glut, you can even earn a penny from it.  Inspired.”